We will find the right mortgage for you
Competitive rates on all loan programs
Support throughout the entire mortgage process

Why Choose Us?

Secure Mortgage Company’s headquarters is in Houston, TX and has been in business for over 25 years.  

We have strived to conquer all the challenges and fluctuations that can occur in the mortgage industry.  This longevity indicates our strong reputation and stability within the industry.

This is a true testament to our competitive low mortgage rates, providing valuable service, and the ability to find the perfect loan program that best suits our borrower’s needs.

Expert Guidance

Expert guidance in the mortgage process can be invaluable for all homebuyers.  Secure Mortgage Company is here to help navigate any complex financial situations.

We can help you evaluate your specific situation to determine how much house you can afford and what type of mortgage is suitable for your situation.

Secure Mortgage Company is licensed in Texas, Colorado, Florida and Washington State.

The Key to Home Loans

A good lender plays a crucial role in a real estate transaction for several reasons:

Access to Financing Options

Competitive Interest Rates

Efficient Pre-Approval Process

Smooth Loan Processing

Local Market Insights

Expertise and Guidance

Most Importantly to get you your keys on the closing date!

Loan Process

From start to finish let one of our experienced Loan Officers guide you through one of your largest financial decisions of home buying.

Let Secure Mortgage Company be the key to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

We are there for you even after you get your keys!

Pre-approval Process

A pre-approval application is a preliminary step in the mortgage lending process where your Loan Officer will assess your financial situation to determine the maximum loan amount you may be eligible to borrow.

The process will help you also determine the best type of loans available for you.