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When Sheryl and Mike Gale established SECURE MORTGAGE COMPANY in 1998, the primary focus was on the customer. However, they also wanted to create an environment where experienced and entrepreneurial minded Loan Officers could successfully market their professionalism, integrity, products and services.

Our compensation program allows Loan Officers to make decisions based on market conditions and the needs of their customers without going to a corporate Manager for approval. However, unlike many other brokerages, SECURE MORTGAGE COMPANY additionally offers technical and administrative support.

This assistance allows the Loan Officer to offer customers quality service, competitive rates and fees while still having company support to help solve problems, set up records, and help develop a referral base. Additionally, we pay loan officer compensation weekly. All of this without the compensation splits offered by traditional mortgage banks and brokerages.

If you are a Loan Officer with a high level of professionalism have at least two years of experience and are self-motivated, put yourself in an environment where you can be the most competitive Loan Officer in your area, better serve your customers and put more money in your pocket.

For additional information about career opportunities with SECURE MORTGAGE COMPANY call:

Sheryl Gale or Chris Bailey at 713-355-9955.